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Our Services

Bespoke Tailoring
If its a professional, quality suit made-to-measure for any occassion, a smart business suit you need or a dapper dinner suit, we can help you out. With personal consultations at our stores, you can choose fabrics and finishings you wish. 
With suits from £295, shirts from £49, why not have your garments made to fit you in quality fabrics, not just off the shelf.

Dresses for weddings, birthday celebrations or a special day, we can create the garments for you. If your inspired by designers or dresses in magazines and you have an idea of your dream dress we can make your ideas a reality. 
We can create garments for anyone, adults of any size, shape or ability, children and teens.
With disabled access to our shops, we proudly welcome all!

Curtains and Home
Can't find that perfect shade of duck egg pillows to match the curtains? Then come to us with your chosen fabric and we will make your house a home! From furnishing making and repairing of pillows and cushions, to Made-to-measure curtains.

Leathers and Skins
We specialise in Leathers, Skins and Furs at our Walton store "Leather Repair Alterations" and The Village Tailors are also our drop off stores making it easier for you to visit us and for us to do all the work. We can fix and alter your leather or skin garments and accessories so that leather jacket that's worn away or that handbag that needs a buckle fixing... Can all be sorted by The Village Tailors!

Wedding Dresses/Bridesmaid Dresses
For the perfect day, why not have your wedding dress altered or individually made by us. The process of Bespoke takes around 4-6 weeks and there are two fittings involved to ensure the garments fit exactly. The first fitting gives us a basic measurement and the second fitting ensures every part of the clothing will  make you feel comfortable for your special day. We also understand that standard sizes don't fit every one, so that perfect dress in the shop that is two sizes to big can be worn by you! Come to us and we will make it fit your perfect body, perfectly.

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